Nida Khan, Founder & CEO

Nida holds a doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Luxembourg, where her research focused on the use of blockchain in finance. She holds a master's degree in Information and Computer Sciences from the University of Luxembourg, and a bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from UPTU, India. Her research proposal was the recipient of FNR grant, accorded by Luxembourg government to innovative industrial projects. She developed a novel blockchain consensus mechanism based on MapReduce. She has worked on research projects in social finance, decentralized finance, micropayments and blockchain governance. She is a pioneer in giving the economic impact of blockchain-based micropayments, proposing a mathematical framework for blockchain governance and using smart contracts to ensure GDPR compliance. She is contributing as a European Climate Pact Ambassador, certified by the European Commission, to help in combatting the climate crisis. To know more about her resolutions related to tackling climate change, please read her Pact Ambassador profile.