Nash fintechX, launched in 2021, is a software solutions provider. Nash fintechX has a vision to empower corporations with the optimum software to achieve progress and sustainability in this digital era. Our mission is to make carbon markets transparent and equip them with tools to validate their efforts towards tackling climate change. We have launched DCarbonX, a blockchain-based carbon market that enables issuance of fractionalised carbon credit NFTs for trading in a primary and secondary market. DCarbonX has a component by virtue of which users can offset their emissions (CNet0), which additionally provides the users with a carbon footprint calculator (CTrackX), to calculate their carbon footprint. Our product suite can help any organisation and its employees to chalk out their path to net zero.

In the coming months, as we commercialise our product, our development team will be working in parallel on integrating AI in our software to ensure that organisations using our product suite can also benefit from predictions on achieving their climate goals. The product suite comprises of complimentary software that can aid corporates to keep track of their climate efforts accurately, record impact quantitatively, and report the progress through a QR code that is backed by data on the blockchain to prevent greenwashing. Our product suite also enhances the efficiency of the sales cycle of carbon credits/ offsets by reducing it to 5-7 minutes from the existing 1-1.5 weeks. In summary, our products comprise of:

- Blockchain-based carbon credit market
- Carbon offset marketplace
- Carbon footprint calculator

The following diagram reflects the features of our climate software suite:

Nash fintechX Product Suite

Our Journey